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Professional Hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT in Manchester

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Manchester Hypnotherapy for treatment of Addiction

Have you tried to break an addictive behaviour in the past, but found that no matter how hard you try, the old problem ambushes you at your weakest moments and you find yourself slipping back into the arms of the habit?

If you're in Manchester and looking for help to beat an addiction such as smoking, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling, internet addiction or any other compulsive behaviour then hypnotherapy could help you.

“You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living,

until the escape becomes the habit”.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you escape the grip of addiction by helping you train your brain to think differently at a subconscious level, allowing you to replace the desire for a substance or habit with something better.

At Healthy Minds Clinic you will receive all the help and support you need to overcome your specific addiction. We provide professional, fast and effective CBT, NLP and Hypnosis addiction treatment plans, giving you useable coping strategies that will enable you to break bad habits such as smoking and  drinking.

If you are ready for professional, affordable help, we are here.



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Help to Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking can be difficult when you are not sure how.

As a professional hypnotherapist and ex-smoker I understand the fears and difficulties that come with the decision to quit smoking.  Read More

 Alcohol Addiction

The structured Hypnotherapy approach works to help train your mind to think differently about alcohol so you can start to make better choices and free yourself from the compulsive desire to drink.  Read More

 Drug Addiction

If you are struggling to stop taking any kind of addictive substance, be it illegal recreational drugs like Cocaine, Cannabis, Amphetamines or prescription drugs, pain killers or anti-depressants, then we can help you deal with the psychological and emotional triggers.  Read More


Other addiction issues that can be helped with hypnotherapy include:

  • Gambling Addiction  
  • Porn Addiction
  • Internet Addiction  
  • Sex addiction
  • Shopping Addiction  
  • Food Addiction
  • Exercise Addiction
  • Sugar Addiction
Smoking CessationSubstance AbuseAlcohol Dependency