What can I do to control Panic Attacks?

Slow Your Breathing

Hyperventilation (over-breathing) commonly leads to panic attacks. Slow down your breathing by breathing through your nose and counting to 9 with each breath.

Smile and relax your neck and shoulders

Physiology plays an important role on how you feel. Force the most exaggerated smile you can, even if that means placing a pencil between your teeth to make your mouth into a smile. When you smile your body immediately follows suit helping you to feel more positive and in control.

Write Things Down

Take a pen and pad and write down any thoughts, emotions or feelings that you notice or write down positive affirmations such as “ this is just a panic attack and very soon it will be over and I will feel much better”.

Remember that a panic attack cannot physically harm you so if you experience it happening try to accept it is just a panic attack. If you fight it the symptoms may increase so accept it, ride it out and it will soon go away.